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In Defense of the Morton West Antiwar Students.

If you don't stand for something, you'll stand for anything, so these kids stand for peace....and now face criminal charges for peaceful demonstration against the occupation of Iraq.

In Defense of the Morton West Antiwar Students

We are writing in defense of the students who now face excessive disciplinary actions at the hands of various Morton West school administrators. Our sympathies lie with the courageous and moral struggle that the students have taken up, and with their parents who still support them. The struggle for a peaceful and just society absent of war should not be met with punishment, but should be supported by the community as a whole, especially from within the educational setting. Furthermore, It is our firm belief that an injury to freedom for students anywhere is an injury to freedom for students everywhere. This is why we urge all Morton West administrators to drop all disciplinary action against the said students, and to remove any indications of said events from their permanent records. We urge you to respect these students right to free expression now and in the future.

(Written by Columbia College Chicago Students for a Democratic Society)


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