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Bring them home.

Since British occupation forces have withdrawn from Basra, resistance attacks are down 90%:

The British army says violence in Basra has fallen by 90% since it withdrew from the southern Iraqi city earlier this year.

Around 500 British soldiers left one of Saddam Hussein's palaces in the heart of the city in early September and stopped conducting regular foot patrols.

A spokesman says the Iraqi security forces still come under attack from militants in Basra, but the overall level of violence is down 90% since the British troops left.

Britain is scheduled to return control of Basra province to Iraqi officials next month, officially ending Britain's combat role in Iraq.

Basra is not free of violence and repression, but the glaring truth is when the military occupation of a city ceases, the violence substantially decreases.

Go figure.

Could it be the British occupation forces were a magnet for violence just as the 175,000 U.S. occupation forces and 130,000 mercenaries are also magnets for violence?

Isn't it clear that times overdue to cease an occupation that is obviously damaging our military not to mention destroying Iraq?

Is stealing that oil really worth all these dead kids?

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator
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