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Not necessarily anti-every-war, but definitely anti-THIS-war.

America Out of the Middle East
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This is a forum for people who are opposed to the ongoing campaigns in the Middle East.

This group is not necessarily strictly for pacifists. If you are not opposed to *all* wars, but are opposed to *this* war, and to expanding the wars of conquest to other parts of the globe, then this is the place for you.

We are not here to debate the validity of the war in Iraq or of invading other Middle Eastern nations. That these wars are unnecessary, wrong, and a failure of foreign policy, is a given in this group. We might discuss the reasons leading up to this war and engage in other kinds of fault analysis, but we will not tolerate pro-war trolling. We will also not tolerate ethnic, racial, sexual, or religious bigotry here. That goes for both lefties and righties.

Other war areas, such as Africa or the Balkans, are not, strictly speaking, germane to this group, but that doesn't prevent them from being discussed here.