yes peace (yes_justice) wrote in anti_iraq_war,
yes peace

In the wake of the occupation forces...

Surge effectiveness aside, the occupation is U.S. terrorism against Iraqis. What would you do if someone did this to your family?

During his annual surprise visit to Iraq Bush did not mention that 20 GI's were slain in the oh so improved al-Anbar (*cough*Falluja*cough*) area in July. (Why you not visit Baghdad, Mr. Bush?)

Over four million Iraqis displaced from their homes, likely 1,000,000 slain and no one knows how many more wounded. Oh me o my what a liberation - worth a trillion dollars it is...

Iraqi woman Blogger Riverbend counts among the displaced. This week she authors a new entry entitled "Leaving Home"

Waiting for the Fall - David Rovics

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