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Death from Above

We continue to recruit for the resistance by slaying people in Iraq
"U.S. attack kills 15 civilians — including 9 kids"

After securing the area, the ground force assessed 15 terrorists, six women and nine children were killed,” the statement said. Two suspected al-Qaida members, a woman and three children were wounded, according to the military account. - link
Not unusual for those numbers to be wrong.  Sounds like if you're an adult with a penis, you're considered a terrorist. One wonders what qualifies someone as "suspected" and therefore killable? Who's making those decisions? Nineteen year old american kids...

Does it go without mentioning that all who knew those families slain by our bombs are going to hate our occupation forces for quite a long time?
US forces came under small arms fire from a building, the US military statement said.

"Responding in self-defence, supporting aircraft engaged the enemy threat," the statement said.
So, our soldiers are doing the urban occupation soldier thing, 12,000 miles from home, they get shot at by people who don't dig them being there, and then they respond by calling in airstrikes - smashing everything in the area - adults, children, pets alike. What's it called when you kill civilians with bombs?  Begins with a "T"...

UN Delayed Grim Iraq Report at U.S. Request

A new UN report (pdf) says Iraq is immersed in an “ever-deepening humanitarian crisis.” Thousands of Iraqis are fleeing their homes by the month, indiscriminant killings continue apace, and prison torture is routine. The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq found that at least one hundred civilians were killed in U.S.-led bombings or raids over a three-month period ending in July. The toll is believed to be higher because the Iraqi government still refuses to release casualty figures. The report also warns of an increase in violence against women. In the northern Kurdish region, more than two hundred fifty women were killed in so-called ‘honor’ killings in the first half of this year. Most of the victims were burnt alive. The grim report marks a sharp contrast to last month’s Congressional testimony from top U.S. officials in Iraq. The Washington Post reports the UN completed the report in August but delayed its release at the request of U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker. Crocker was among those to testify.
Pretty horrific.  More at the UNAMI site:
The report states, “Having been forced to abandon their homes, many are living in dire conditions without access to adequate food supplies and basic services, with children being particularly vulnerable to disease.” It warns of growing displacement stating that, “Large-scale displacement of Iraqi civilians continued due to the ongoing violence, including direct death threats, abductions or killings, in many parts of Iraq,” and notes that the, “UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimated that some 2.2 million Iraqis are currently refugees abroad, around half of whom are in Syria.”  Full Story

The benefit to the Iraqis of an American withdrawl is debatable. If our occupation destabilizes, and I think it does, then Iraqis benefit.   These days Republicans and Iraqis even want us to withdraw but for different reasons no doubt.  I found this an interesting discussion, for those with a free hour that is...
The Fate of Iraqi Refugees [10.02.07]
Raed is wished well and I share his dream of a peace between Iraq and America.
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